IPTV is the use out of broadband cable network national infrastructure to TV as specific main terminal for residence electrical appliances, to supply you with through the Internet protocol, including a variety from television programs, including vapor media services. Characterized over Users can get superior quality near DVD stage digital media services. Dansk tv can have a same wide range of relief in choosing Broadband Online websites offer IP . realization of media and mass media consumers substantive interaction. IPTV Broadcast platform will are more used in an all new generation of home hdtv media, typical of all terminal, it can set up the user’s selection makes use of a variety of numerous services, including Digital Shows Programs, video IP phones, DVD VCD player, surf to the Internet, email, also a variety of about the internet information consulting, entertainment, Educational background And business functions.

for network developers and then program providers to furnish a broad emerging exchanges. At present, China Communicate Enterprise is growing rapidly combined with users of information expertise have become increasingly demanding, especially in broadband visual information. Can say very China has basically realized the conditions to create IPTV technology and segment conditions. General, IPTV or digital television, both parallels and differences between all of them. Fiberhome Networks technical experts right from the following described parallels and differences between 2. . Technology System IPTV system, also known on the grounds that interactive television, its structure includes Streaming Media Service, program editing, storage on top of that authentication and accounting, and consequently other subsystems, the basic storage and transmission including the content of along with that is the core of Mega-pixel as the encoding to do with streaming media files, depending on IP network transmission, usually set at the main edge of content circulation service node, the arrangement stream media services to storage devices, user devices can be IP STB TV, also can continually be PC.

Cable digital shows broadcasting network that can the HFC networks, and traditional analogue Cable television Currently the same network architecture, while the publish of new active business case eg, VOD, network mechanism will be distinct. Cable Digital TV VOD system includes VOD service, program editing, storage and certification and accounting system, the main belongings and transmission from content is Member of parliment TS streams, the use of IPOVERDWDM technology pass on based on DVDIP fiber optic network, and IPTV’s passed on architecture is exceptional Cable Digital Television show VOD system using a centralized help architecture, in generally HFC does far from being need to change the frontend information for content room and distribution involving the video server, only need of place the device and the GAM modulated DWDM gadgets can greatly cut back on the system os costs and authority complexity, the specific terminal is a definite digital settop packaging TV.

China has in general formed the existing digital TV real estate market chain, there have been a gigantic number of exclusive TV settop inbox manufacturers, frontend gear manufacturers, systems integrators. . Business IPTV interactive features can be very flexible, on account that the interaction equipped with the IP communicate symmetry inherent advantages, the program into the net, could well use radio, multicasting, unicast a broad variety of published means. Can be most flexible implementation on electronic menus, training reservation, realtime high-speed forward, rewind, port account and payment management, programming coupled with other functions. By addition to additional contentbased Inter online world business can wind up started, such considering that online games, email, electronic financial sales.